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Computer repairs by Hull Computers
Find out how affordable computer repair can be.

We aim to save our customers money by offering an affordable computer repair service. Instead of buying new computer equipment, ask us how affordable it can be to repair your broken computer.

  • Dedicated repair workshop
  • FREE initial advice and diagnosis of problems
  • Trained & insured computer technicians
  • Secure workshop with monitored alarms and CCTV

Computer Repairs

Is your PC or laptop suddenly having problems?
Ever wonder why your computer suddenly crashes, freezes or throws up the dreaded blue screen of death?

Lots of these problems can be down to hardware failures and can be frustrating to pinpoint for the average PC user! Most people simply do not have the time, knowledge or equipment to diagnose and to rectify these problems!

Problems with components such as your motherboard, processor, memory or PSU (power supply unit) can cripple your computer, leading many people to replace their full system when a simple repair was all that was needed!

Here at Hull computers we can offer a fast, reliable service to get you back up and running as quickly as possible, with the least amount of stress! Our skilled technicians are able to quickly diagnose your equipment and replace failed components. We offer a no fix-no fee guarantee and only install quality parts that won't let you down!

Quite often with computer problems, it may be necessary to bring the computer into our Hull workshop for a more cost effective diagnosis or repair. This means our technicians have easy access to a wide range of computer diagnostic equipment, and can work on more than one PC at any given time - so spreading the cost of labour among customers - SAVING YOU MONEY.

If during our initial contact with you, it is apparent that your problem would be more suitable to repair in our workshop, we will advise this and you can either drop your PC in to us, or we can collect it at a time to suit you. for a fee.

Here at Hull Computers, we also appreciate that computers are coming down in price, so owners may worry that a repair could cost more than replacement. If this is the case, we will advise you as such and be happy to quote you on a replacement computer (we don't hold stock of new PC's or laptops - and only make a very small percentage on any PC's bought through us, so we have no interest in selling you a PC if an upgrade or repair is possible).

We can if you wish, agree a fixed price for repair of your computer so that you don't have to worry about an unexpected high repair bill - call us for more details - 01482 211577

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