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Data Recovery
Get back your important data

We've all done it, you press delete and then notice that that important file we really need to keep was selected too! Arghh!
Or your hard drive fails and all your family photos and university course work was on there.... We suggest -

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Data Recovery

A hard drive is usually the only component with moving parts inside, that you will find in a PC other than the cooling fans. You can't see it moving, but inside the drive enclosure there are a number of discs spinning at around 7,200 RPM (think of a car engine running at nearly full revolutions), with read/write heads passing across the disc at a distance less than a human hair!

As you can see the hard drive is a precision device designed to operate for long periods of time, at maximum capability - failure is inevitable eventually. Oh, and did we mention, all your data and operating system is on there?

If your computers hard drive has stopped working, we can usually successfully recover all your documents, photos, music and videos onto a selection of media, or into a new hard drive if appropriate.

We have a selection of recovery tools available to us including those used by the police and other law enforcement professionals when investigating hard drives for evidence of criminal activity, so even if you're data has been deleted, there's a fair chance we may be able to recover it.

We can also recover photos and other electronic data from other devices such as memory cards or USB sticks.

This service is best performed under our controlled workshop environment, although some minor data recovery tasks can be carried out on site if needed.

We suggest that fee's for data recovery may vary between £30 and a few hundred pound depending on amount of data and specifics relating to the loss of the data. For instance recovery of up to 100 photos accidentally deleted from a partition on your PC would be at the lower end of the scale, while a byte for byte copy of a formatted or failed server hard drive would cost more.

We really can not stress enough, DO NOT continue to use the computer/device, as any attempt to write to the disk may corrupt any fragment or trace of the lost files. Please call us for further advice and a quote to recover your data.

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