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Hard drive Fix
Is your hard drive really failing?

Is your computer (or more likely hard drive) making funny noises, Clicking? Whirring? Or even maybe Squealing? Sounds like your hard drive maybe on it's way out - consider replacing the hard drive, but if it's past this stage, consider our data recovery service.

Hopefully your hard drive hasn't reached the point of no return, but you're PC might be freezing during use, or crashing and giving you the dreaded blue screen? Read on....

Hard drive Fix

A hard drive is usually the only component with moving parts inside, that you will find in a PC other than the cooling fans & DVD drives. You can't see it moving, but inside the drive enclosure there are a number of discs spinning at around 7,200 RPM (think of a car engine running at nearly full revolutions), with read/write heads passing across the disc at a distance less than a human hair!

As you can see the hard drive is a precision device designed to operate for long periods of time, at maximum capability - failure is inevitable eventually. Oh, and did we mention, all your data and operating system is on there?

Once hard drive's finally decide they've had enough - it's usually not cost effective either financially nor worth risking further data loss to try to repair them.

However, we've included this page as quite often windows or diagnostic tools may show that your computers hard drive has errors or is failing. This may not quite be the case. The drive may only have bad sectors or a corrupt boot sector or partition table.

These sorts of problems can be overcome using our sophisticated recovery tools, that scan and recover these bad chunks of disc, and prevent further data being written in those portions of the disc.

The symptoms of a failing or corrupt disk can be system lock-ups (freezing), random crashes, data loss or clicking/whirring/squealing noises. Although some of these symptoms may also due to other hardware or software problems.

In all cases, consider backing up your data on a regular basis. If you're unable to start your PC to back up your data, contact us, we can probably recover your data.

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