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Hardware Upgrades
Give your PC a new lease of life.

The great thing about computers, is that they are modular and can be upgraded to get longer usage out of an older PC, or more performance! Even laptop's can have some upgrades.

  • Larger hard drives can be fitted to give you more storage
  • RAM (Memory) upgrades helps your PC handle data faster
  • CPU upgrades make your PC faster

Hardware Upgrades

Is your computer running a little slowly?
Do you have trouble playing the latest games or running the latest software?
Are you running low on hard drive space?
Are you thinking of getting a new computer?

If you said yes to any of these questions we can help! Most people don't realise that their computer is not running at its full potential and can be upgraded rather than replaced.

Here at Hull computers we can upgrade all system components, motherboard, processor, memory, hard drive, psu, graphics card, optical drives, cooling, even your PC case can be upgraded if required!

We can offer advice on the best upgrades to choose for the most performance gains dependant on your requirements. We use our expertise and trade contacts to source only quality components at the best possible prices, meaning we can pass on the savings to you!

Memory (RAM) Upgrades

This is usually a very cost effective way of increasing your PC's performance. The RAM is the computers short term memory, where it stores information it is working with. The more RAM it has, the easier it can process the information in the background, without having to write or read stuff to the hard disk (a slower process).

Central Processor Unit (CPU)

The brain of the computer, the CPU does all the calculations to process the data you are working with. It's speed is usually measured in GHz, and we can analyse your motherboard and suggest a compatible CPU upgrade to speed up your PC.

Hard Drive

The hard drive is the computers long term memory, and is where all your program files, documents, data, and operating system is located. When the computer is switched off, this data is still there ready to be recalled when the PC is next switched on. As you use your PC, the hard drive can be filled to capacity, causing your PC to slow down, as it usually needs some spare space for temporary processing of large or system files.
Hard drives are also prone to wear and tear as they are precision engineered and constantly in use spinning at high speeds. We can also offer free advice on the most appropriate upgrade route for hard drives.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

When the manufacturer built your PC, they usually install a smaller wattage PSU to keep costs down (or profits up!) which can leave your PC underpowered if you start installing upgrades such as graphics cards and cooling fans etc.
PSU's with a higher wattage output are a simple upgrade to ensure that your PC isn't left gasping for breath when demand is placed on it by the graphics card for instance.

Graphics Card (GPU)

The graphics card is actually a secondary CPU (see above), also referred to as the GPU, it is dedicated to rendering high quility images on your display device. There are a number of different card formats and specifications available, and we are always happy to discuss your needs and suggest an upgrade that meets your needs according to your budget and motherboard slots.


Computers get hot when in use, this heat can destroy your computer, or at least cause it to run at reduced performance. Keeping the PC cool is essential to having a happy PC, we can upgrade your standard cooling to ensure your PC runs well.


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