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Hull Computers Logo - We fix and service laptops and desktop computer systems for both home and business users around Hull

Services that Hull Computers offer
Such as PC repairs & upgrades.

When it comes to keeping your PC running at its best, or fixing startup errors - we have the experience and knowledge to diagnose your computer, and offer an affordable fix.
We can offer a call out service to BUSINESS CLIENTS only within Hull and surrounding villages, and are happy to discuss fixed price repairs, to prevent unexpected high charges.

  • Fixed fee PC maintenance and repair service available
  • No fix - No fee promise in most cases

Hull Computers range of services

We have the knowledge and expertise to carry out most computer related work, but for the purposes of telling you about some of our more popular services, we have categorized and listed some examples below.

PC Repairs & Upgrades

Computer repairs and upgrades. Eventually some components may fail within your PC and usually the computer will refuse to start to prevent further damage. We have a range of diagnostic tools and a wealth of experience that enables us to quickly diagnose your computer problems and get your PC working again.

Upgrading your laptop or desktop PC can be a very cost effective alternative to buying a new PC, whether it be a larger hard drive or more RAM - we can do it. We can source replacement parts at affordable prices, and occasionally may have replacement components in stock to reduce downtime.

If your hard drive is showing errors and causing your computer to crash, we may be able to fix some hard drive errors, but if it has failed or is reaching the end of it's useful life - then we can recover your data.
We can also recover data off camera memory cards and USB devices too.

Installation & Maintenance

It's important that your PC is cleaned internally at least once a year, it's amazing how much dust and fluff those fans suck into the machine, blocking air vents and clogging the fans up.
There are a lot of highly sensitive components inside your PC that need to be kept cool, and if the processor and RAM get too hot - they will attempt to keep cool by running at a reduced speed!

Over time your PC also becomes sluggish due to old files and invalid references that are no longer needed, revitalize your PC with a Tune-up.

If you need a new operating system installing, or any new software installing and setting up on your computer, allow us to ensure the software is installed correctly and with optimum settings for your PC.
We can also perform system recovery of your computer in the event of a crash, restoring your computer to a fresh install as if it has just left the shop.
Another type of software that is critical to the correct and stable operation of your computer, are drivers. Allow us to scan and update your drivers to keep your computer running sweet.

Virus / Adware / Spyware / Malware / Worm / Trojan Removal You've probably heard of computer viruses, the other nasties mentioned above tend to get labeled as Virus too - and although they are all malicious programming code, each are intent on doing different bad things to your PC or with your information!
Find out the difference between theses parasites and how we can get rid of them easily for you.

IT Support

Sometimes we all get stuck when using our computers and it's nice to know that there's someone on hand to give advice and sort out day to day problems, we can offer telephone support, on-site support or remote PC support for both home users and business clients. Why not let us log-in to your computer remotely and for a pre-arranged price, sort out your problems while you sit back and watch?

Website Services

The internet is usually the first place people turn to when looking for products or services or just information about companies. This is why it is important that you have an online presence, whether it be a simple brochure site or a fully functional e-commerce shopping solution.

The first thing you will need before you have a website is a domain name, we can offer advice and register available domain names on your behalf - this is the address of your website that people will type or search for. EG:
Hull Computers web design team have created and manage a number of website's for customers that get results, designing a website that looks good is only the beginning. It needs to be optimized and promoted (both online and offline) to potential customers so that they know to visit!

Of course once your site is online it will need updating often to get the best out of it, and keep people interested, no matter if your site was created by us or someone else - we can offer a web content management service regardless.
In addition to managing your website's content, you may want to consider us setting up and monitoring your visitors statistics, we will produce quarterly reports to show how many visits your site has had, and what people are looking at etc.
We also offer affordable email & web hosting that is carbon neutral - promoting your company needn't cost the earth!
As part of a web hosting package, you will be given a number of email accounts on our server so that you can receive emails to and also access to a webmail interface so that you can use your email anywhere in the world.
We can also setup email only packages if needed, please contact us for more details.

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