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Laptop repairs by Hull Computers
Fixing laptops is what we do most days!.

We repair all sorts of laptop problems such as broken power sockets (DC Socket), replacement keyboards, replace broken laptop screens, replace hard drives, tune-up slow laptops, remove virus from laptops, and of course we service laptop's too.

  • Laptop & Netbook Chargers from £15 (In Stock)
  • DC sockets replaced from £60
  • FREE advice and initial diagnosis
  • Laptop screens replaced (Most sizes in stock)

Laptop Repairs

We repair nearly all faults with laptops (the only faults we don't tend to do are motherboard failures - as the cost usually means it's not a cost effective repair. But we can do so if you wish!), so we are happy to offer a FREE initial diagnosis of your laptops problem, and give you a very good price to fix it fast.

We usually like to agree a fixed price for repair of your computer so that you don't have to worry about an unexpected high repair bill - call us for more details - 01482 211577

So the sort of laptop repairs we offer are....

Laptop Servicing

Laptops can last for years if looked after properly.

However due to the name of the machine, most people use a laptop computer on their knee's, on the sofa beside them, or on a bed. This means that the vents and fans underneath are unable to suck in clean air to keep the laptop cool and is usually sucking in fluff, dust and hair, which then blocks the exhaust vent, trapping the hot air inside the laptop. It has also been known to snap the blades off the fan, meaning the laptop really is struggling to keep cool.

An overheating laptop will run slow, and may crash often (sometimes you will get the dreaded Blue Screen of Death), and with some laptops the heat can actually de-solder the graphics card from the board - meaning an expensive repair around £175

We can service your laptop for only £60, which involves stripping the laptop down, cleaning all the internals, checking everything's OK, greasing fan bearings if possible and applying new thermal paste to the CPU & GPU.

Charging Sockets

Also known as the DC socket - this is a common failure point on a laptop, as the socket is often subjected to forces when the laptop or charging lead are pulled away from each other, or from people trying to insert the power supply tip without looking at the socket.

Laptop power sockets also fail due to general wear and tear, as the contacts inside become worn or oxidised, and sometimes will present an intermittent problem when charging the laptop. It's always best to repair these problems, as dodgy electrical problems can cause further damage to the laptop, or in extreme cases - can set on fire!

We repair DC sockets on laptops for £60 + the cost of the part (usually between £5 to £15)

Replacement Screens

We replace a lot of laptop screens for customers, usually because the laptop has been dropped or something dropped on the laptop causing the screen to be broken.

We hold stock of the most common sizes and types, so we are able to offer a same day or next day service on screen repairs and prices start from £35 for a screen to be replaced (+ cost of screen). Most common sized laptops tend to be £85-90 all in.

Laptop Chargers

Another common item that we are asked to diagnose and replace is the laptops power supply (also known as a charger or PSU), as these tend to get dragged about the floor, kicked, stood on and dropped - meaning that they can and do fail eventually.

We stock compatible power supplies for most laptop's on the market all at one price £15 with 1 year guarantee. We have also started to supply OEM chargers at prices from £20

WARNING! Some customers suggest that they can buy chargers on Ebay for around £6 - We would warn anyone that most of the chargers on ebay are that price for a reason! The quality of the electronics and soldering inside is awful, but you would only tell that by opening them up.

We've taken apart a few of these, and even had one blow up when plugged in - I won't use them in my home, and I wouldn't be happy selling them to a customer. Buy your laptop charger from us for only £15 for a compatible charger, or from £20 for a genuine original charger - and know that it's a quality product.

Replacement Keyboards

If you find some keys on your laptop keyboard not working, it could be that your keyboard needs replacing - we can do this for as little as £30.

Liquid Spills


Please, if you have spilled any liquid on your laptop, pull the power out and take the battery out immediately if it is running (Don't worry about shutting down Windows in this situation), or if it is off, don't turn it on until we have checked it over for you.

Unfortunately we have had customers bring laptops to us that have tried using them after spilling drinks onto the computer, and believing the spill to be cleaned up, have had the computer start smoking and die a few days later - in such cases the laptop is then usually beyond economical repair.

General Repairs

We also offer all the usual repair services for laptops that we offer for desktop computers, so data recovery - operating system installs - tune-ups etc. Are all available on your laptop too at the same price as we would charge were it a desktop.

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