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Computer Cleaning
What's lurking in yours?

Many people regularly clean the outside of their PC case with wipes or a damp cloth, but never give a thought to the inside of the computer.
All those fans are constantly sucking in fluff, dust, dead skin cells and pet fur, causing your PC to become a fire waiting to happen, or more likely your PC to run slow.

Really, your PC can run slow due to a build up of muck inside your PC! Read on......

Computer Cleaning

Many people are shocked when we take off the side of their PC case, even the most house proud of customers couldn't believe amount of dirt and debris that finds it's way into a typical PC.

Think about it, a tower type PC unit is usually sat on the floor, on a carpet, next to your fidgeting feet - all the dust and muck kicked up by your movement and the dust bunnies that are produced, get sucked into the computer tower by the cooling fans.

A laptop is usually used on your knee or other soft fabric surface, with it's fans facing down towards the material beneath it - sucking in fibres and hairs etc.

This can cause the fans to get blocked, reducing the cooling efficiency of the fans, and putting strain on the motors of the fan, also drawing more current from your power supply unit (PSU) which also has a fan that can get clogged.

If the computer is not kept cool, the CPU (processor) will overheat, and in an attempt to stop itself burning out - will reduce it's operating speed (a process known as thermal throttling). Repeated overheating of the CPU can also degrade the thermal paste that sits between the CPU and its heatsink, leading to system instability and crashes.

When we clean a PC, we strip all the major components down and clean all contacts and surfaces with compressed air, solvent wipes, anti-static brushes and lots of care!!
We replace the thermal paste on the CPU and check all bearings and lubricate them as needed.
We will also as needed re-route any cables that may restrict airflow.

Such a service in it's self takes between 1 or 2 hours and can be done on site or at our workshop. Please see our Hull computer repair prices for an idea of cost.

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