Hull Computers can install and configure all your software on your computer

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Software Installation
We can do that

Installing software is what we do most days, so is a task that we can do, to save you sitting through a series of seemingly pointless dialog boxes.

Software Installs

We are happy to discuss with you any software installation that you may need doing, on a commercial scale this is known as software rollout, and we are capable of producing an install environment slipstreamed with any necessary updates, to install your networks operating system.

For the home customer, we are always pleased to offer the same service on a single PC basis, either performing upgrade or fresh installs of Windows operating systems.

Hull Computers uses and recommends Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 8 Start Menu

We've had a fair few customers contacting us after buying a new computer with Windows 8 installed, struggling to get to use the operating system without the old familiar Start menu. We can tweak your Windows 8 to look and behave much like Windows 7, giving the start menu back and still offering the stability and features of Windows 8. We can often do this while you wait, and only charge £20

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