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System Restore
Recover your PC to factory settings

Usually a simple task, but why not let us carry out a factory reset when all else fails, then once it's restored we can set it all up again to minimize computer downtime, & ensure it's up to date.

System Restore

Quite often you won't have received an original install disc with your PC. Many retailers and manufacturers pre-install the operating system in a partition on the hard drive, so when you need to repair or re-install the operating system it usually involves restoring this hidden partition.

Doing so will lose all data and settings you may have put into the computer, but will at least return the PC into the same setup it arrived from the shop.

But often this installation is not optimal, and quite often contains limited trial versions of software bundled in because the writer of such software has struck a deal with the major PC manufacturers, the idea being that people will more often than not continue to use and even pay for this software.

We can restore your PC if you wish, but we can also back up any documents and settings before hand to restore into the clean system. We can then remove any unnecessary bloatware and offer free alternative software that will ensure that your PC runs better than it would at factory defaults!

Further more, we ALWAYS ensure that all Windows service packs and updates are installed on your computer, and install up to date versions of essential software such as Java and Flash. This means that your PC is more stable and reliable than it would be if you restored the PC yourself.

Please note that although some of our competitors may offer to restore your PC cheaper - it will only be a basic restore, leaving you to deal with Gigabytes of updates and outdated drivers!

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