Hull Computers can speed up your computer with a tune-up!

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Computer Tune-up
Speed up your computer with a Tune-up

Over time your computer fills up with junk and corrupt information, this all serves to slow down your PC - let us get back some of that lost performance

Computer Tune-up

Every time you install or un-install a program, every time you open or work on a file, every time you turn on or off your PC - files are created and written to, sometimes corrupted and more often than not become outdated.

All these redundant files and invalid references cause the system to wade through unnecessary information to get to the stuff it's really looking for - result? Your PC runs slow! It also affects system stability and can be the cause of many crashes.

A software tune up typically takes between between a few hours or a few days (depending on system speed and level of cleanse required) and is a fixed price computer repair

Your PC is typically configured by default to offer all round performance in a wide variety of computing roles, while tuning your computer, we also optimize various settings to suit your usage of the PC individually.

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